Why This is the Worst Sea Change Killer and How to Beat It

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Sea Change Success Tip_ Stop Talking and Get Moving!(1)

Procrastination + Fear = Regret

I’ve helped hundreds of sea changers and tree changers successfully make their move and each one is different. They include:

  • Couples and singles wanting to start their own business
  • Young families wanting a carefree, healthy and affordable lifestyle
  • Corporate refugees wanting to get off the treadmill to pursue a long held dream
  • Adventurous singles wanting to travel the world and make a good living
  • Expats wanting to settle back home
  • Active retirees wanting a friendly and vibrant community

Yet for every successful sea change, there are sadly many more who will never make it happen. These are the people who’ll only ever dream about the life they’d love to live if only…

Your reasons for not making a sea or tree change may be perfectly logical – lack of money, family ties, too old, too young, not enough jobs, can’t find the right location and fear of the unknown. These are all things that keep people stuck. But with help, each of these is easily overcome.

No, the worst killer of sea change dreams (and the #1 reason why most folks won’t bite the bullet and make the move), is…procrastination!

What’s Wrong with Sea Change Procrastination

Hey, we all procrastinate from time to time and normally it isn’t a major drama. We put off doing what we should do for a whole bunch of reasons. Often it’s because we don’t know where to start or how to begin.

Many of my conversations with would-be sea changers start with, “Oh, we’ve been talking about it for years!’

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Rest assured there is a cure and we’ll get to it shortly.

Procrastination becomes a problem when reasons cross that fine line and become excuses. We’d love to make a sea change but can’t because…

  • The children / grandchildren
  • Our parents
  • I don’t know what else I could do for a job
  • Not enough money to …
  • His health
  • Her worry about it not working out
  • Not sure where to move to

All of these are justifying why you’re prepared to settle for the less than ideal life you’re living now.

Hey, I understand! Making a sea change or tree change is a big deal. There’s a lot at stake and a lot that could go wrong. There are so many decisions to make and so much to organize.

But stop for a moment and think.

10 years from now will you look back and wonder what it could have been like? If only you’d had the courage and determination to make it work, how much happier would you have been?

Research shows that in their final years, the most common regret people have is that they didn’t take more risks in their lives. They played it safe, did what others expected and realized too late what it had cost them.

So, if you’re sitting on the fence of indecision and want to avoid regret for the path not taken, it’s time to kick procrastination to the wall!

How to Beat Sea Change Procrastination

  1. Acknowledge your fears

We all have them and fears are normal. Write them all down and get to the heart of what’s driving them.

What are you truly afraid of?

  1. Stop making excuses

Recognise the difference between an excuse and a legitimate reason. If you’re stalling and simply putting it off, call it out! Behind every legitimate reason is a problem or challenge to be overcome.

What’s the problem that must be solved?

  1. Make a decision

Indecision is the biggest driver of procrastination. Once you’ve made a decision you’ll instantly feel better.

What is it you need to decide?

  1. Focus forward

Once you’ve decided, there’s no looking back. Shift your focus to what you really want and must do next.

Where are you heading?

  1. Take action

The first step is often the hardest, so let’s make this one easy. Your first step is to set clear goals and create an action plan. Identify all the things you need to do and simply do the first one on the list.

What’s the first action you will take?

  1. Be brave, confident, realistic and flexible

Chances are you’ve already made many big changes in your life and this is just one more! Give yourself more credit. Know that you can and will make it work.

Nowhere will be perfect and no sea change ever goes exactly to plan. Go into it with ‘eyes wide open’ and be ready to compromise.

When have you already made a successful life change and how can you use that experience?

If you’ve weighed it all up and decided sea changing’s not for you, that’s fine! Make peace with your decision and turn your attention to making the life you have the best it could possibly be.

On the other hand, if you’ve decided to ‘give it a go’ – congratulations!

Now it’s time to take your sea change off the bucket list and make it happen. I’m here to help with a range of specialised sea change coaching programs to get you on your way.

The Dream It! Design It! Do It! self-paced program is easy to follow and simple to apply. With everything you need to consider and do, it breaks it down into manageable steps, guiding you every step of the way.

Whatever you do, don’t succumb to sea changing’s worst killer! Life’s too short to live with regrets and you don’t want to be left thinking, ‘If only I’d had the courage …”

Carpe diem

Caroline Cameron


Caroline Cameron, Sea Change CoachCaroline Cameron is a master certified executive career and lifestyle coach, sea change coach, speaker and author.

Having successfully reinvented herself through 10 career and 4 major lifestyle changes, Caroline helps mid-career professionals harness the power of change to achieve success in business, work and life.

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2 Comments on “Why This is the Worst Sea Change Killer and How to Beat It”

  1. Hi, best read ever to make me feel confident in our transition to a sea change. We have found a business that is profitable and has more potential, we already have a holiday house there so moving to an already there home is easy and we are quiting our jobs and selling our house in the city to take the risk. I have momnet of “I’ve got this” then fear comes along wanting to know the unknown. I have great ideas for the business but im trying to be in the future already to know it will all be ok but i love yhe quote “you regret the things you didnt do more than regret the thing you did do”

    1. Hi Kym and Congratulations! Making a sea change is a scary decision but you’re right, regret is far worse than fear! It sounds like you’ve done all your homework and thought it all through. Once you’ve got your ‘Plan B’ (what you’ll do for a worst case scenario), you can sleep well at night knowing you’re fully prepared for anything! All the best with your exciting sea change – would love to hear how you get on!

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