How to Stop Feeling Scared About Your Sea Change

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How to make a fear free sea change

How to Beat 5 Biggest Sea Change Fears

Fears – we all have them and they exist to keep us safe. But are you really prepared to allow fear to come between you and your sea changed life?

Making a major lifestyle change is a big deal and it’s perfectly natural to worry about it. Fear is the number reason people don’t make a sea or tree change. Yet not making the change can lead to a life of regret for the path not taken.

Staying where you are may be the safest option but it could also be unfulfilling, frustrating and bad for your health, relationships and wellbeing.

Do you really want to live with the regret that inevitably comes with not taking the chance?

Come on, let’s tackle the 5 scariest sea change monsters and clear the way to do what you love, in a place you love, with those you love.

1. Fear of the Unknown

Nothing in life is guaranteed and while you can’t be 100% certain that a sea changed life is going to be right for you, there are many pre-move mysteries you can solve.

  • Specifically identify what part of the change is worrying you.
  • Ask yourself, “What would I need to learn and know to be sure that this is right for me?”
  • List the actions you could take to answer your questions, find out more and create a plan. Do your research and be sure you’re going in with ‘eyes wide open’.
  • Talk to others who have made a similar change. Whilst their experience won’t be the same as yours, there’s a lot to learn from those who’ve been through it.

2. Fear of ‘What if it Doesn’t Work Out?’

Even with the most thorough research and planning, unexpected events can threaten to derail your sea change adventure.

  • List all the ‘worst case scenarios’ and write down a plan of what you’d do if these did happen. Like taking out an insurance policy or buying a car with airbags, you may never need to use them, but knowing what you’d do if the worst happened, will help you sleep well at night.
  • Now, shift your focus and ask, “What if it works out even better than I imagined?” What would THAT look like?
  • What can you put in place to make THAT happen?

3. Fear of ‘No Work, Not Enough Money’

Quitting your safe, well paid job can be really scary, especially if you don’t have something else lined up.

  • If this is your biggest fear or you haven’t got a 6 month savings buffer, do everything you can to secure employment or start your own business before you resign and move.
  • Be flexible about the type of work you can and will do by identifying your transferable skills. Match your skills to what your new community needs. Pro-actively approach local employers, the council and people who may be able to help you.
  • Finding work in a new location is 90% attitude so be willing to do whatever it takes or they need. Your first job may not be your dream career but it will help you become known in the community, pay the bills and open up new opportunities.

Check out How to Find Work in the Country for more ideas.

4. Fear of What Others Will Say

We all need support and reassurance from our nearest and dearest when it comes to making major life changes but sadly we don’t always get it! While some will admire your courage, others will think you’re crazy for throwing away a perfectly good career or moving away from family and friends.

  • Surround yourself with constructive supporters. These are your enthusiastic and pro-seachange supporters who will help you solve problems, including those may not have considered.
  • Acknowledge that your relationships will change and those that matter will enjoy quality vs quantity time with you. Many sea changers find that when family and friends visit for holidays, closer, more fulfilling relationships develop.
  • For those who are against your big move, chances are they’re projecting their own fears and can’t imagine doing something like this themselves.That’s OK – you don’t have to convince them!Calmly accept their right to an opinion, thank them for telling you how they feel and move on.

5. Fear of Not Fitting In

One of the biggest attractions of sea changing is moving to a close-knit community where people care and there are better opportunities to be involved in local life.

  • Make a list of all your interests, things you’re passionate about and the type of people you like. Include new activities you are curious to try.
  • Then find a community that caters to your interests and shares your values.
  • Be ready, willing and able to adapt. One of the guaranteed ways to NOT fit in is to loudly impose your opinions on your new community as soon as you arrive! Remember, you’re the one who’s changing, not the place you’ve moved to.
  • Accept that it takes time to build trust and you probably won’t become a ‘local’ overnight.
  • The easiest way to fit in is to help. Volunteer and get involved to show you’re committed to your new community.

Regardless of which sea change fear you’re losing sleep about, the following steps will help:

  1. Name your fear and write it down to get it out of your head
  2. Check in with your beliefs – how do you know this is real or true?
  3. Identify all the different ways you could overcome it
  4. Take action – do whatever it takes to turn fear into excitement and problems into opportunities

Life’s too short to let fear stop you following your dreams and creating the lifestyle you want!

So put down your fear, engage your inner courage and get on your way.

Carpe diem


Conner0214_0010_CroppedCaroline Cameron is a master certified executive career and lifestyle coach, sea change coach, speaker and author.

Having successfully reinvented herself through 10 career and 4 major lifestyle changes, Caroline helps mid-career professionals harness the power of change to achieve success in business, work and life.

If you need help to make your sea change happen, contact Caroline today to see how she can help.



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