Sea Change Tree Change – Who Else is Making the Move?

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Changing demographics of would-be Sea and Tree Changers

When you’re thinking of making a major lifestyle change, it’s easy to assume you’re the only one taking on such a big undertaking. After all, most people you know are probably staying where they are, doing what they do and have no plans to change it.

To help you see that you’re not alone, here’s some interesting statistics we gathered by surveying over 700 visitors over 5 years (2008 – 2013) to both the Country NSW and Regional Victoria Living Expos.

How Old?

We discovered that while the 55+ age group accounts for 34% of those considering a move to the country, the 36 to 55 age group together make up nearly half. Interestingly, those aged 26 – 35 has fallen by 7% since 2008.

 Sea Change Tree Change Age Range

Sea Change Tree Change Age Range

Singles, Couples and Families

However, the number of sea changing couples has increased to 51% (up from 45% in 2008), as have the number of singles thinking of heading to the country – 23% vs 18% in 2008. Making up 26%, more families are choosing to stay where they are, down from 37% in 2012. This could be due to financial pressures or a belief that it’s harder to find work in the country.

 Sea Change Tree Change Relationship Status

Sea Change Tree Change Relationship Status

How long does a sea change or tree change take?

Interestingly, those who are thinking of making the city to country move are now more likely to do it in under 12 months. 29% will do so now, up from 25% in 2012. While the 1 – 2 year time frame remains at 34%, those looking at a longer term move (> 2 years) has fallen slightly from 39% to 37% in 2013. Perhaps we’re increasingly realising that life is short and if you’re going to make a major lifestyle change, there’s no real good reason to wait until…

Sea Change Tree Change Timeframe

 Sea Change Tree Change Timeframe

 It’s all about a better lifestyle

When we asked survey participants why they wanted to make a sea or tree change, the answers were highly varied which shows that everyone has their own personal reasons. However, the top 3 reasons below account for over 79% of what we hope to gain from making the move.

Top 3 Reasons We Want to Move

  1. Swapping the ‘rat race’, stress, traffic and pollution for a more relaxed lifestyle with more space, fresh air, peace and tranquility, a slower pace and greater happiness.
  2.  To spend more time with our families – husband, wife, partner and children.
  3.  Better opportunity for a happier, self-funded retirement in a smaller friendly community.

Other reasons we’d love to move to the country include

  • Greater affordability – lower cost of living, cheaper housing, easier to be debt free
  • Lack of work in the city, different career and business opportunities in the country
  • Grew up in the country and want to go back
  • A love of the coast, beach and seaside environment
  • Wanting a farm, a few acres and space
  • Crime and rapid growth of the city and congestion – it’s out of control!
  • Ready for a change and enjoy regional areas

There’s lots to sort out to make a successful sea change

Moving from the city to the country is a big deal! It’s not just moving suburbs or changing jobs and there’s so much to think about. Here are the biggest challenges others are facing – maybe you’re facing them too?

Biggest sea change tree change challenges

  1. Finding work, changing careers and fewer job opportunities – 31% survey respondents listed this as #1
  2. Family reasons – caring for elderly parents, moving far away from family and friends, children still at school or university
  3. Financial challenges – can’t afford it, not enough superannuation, current debts
  4. Emotional challenges – Indecision, making the choice, fear of the unknown, lack of confidence and self-belief – can we do it?
  5. Finding where want to go and choosing the right location

Fortunately there are solutions to all of these challenges and I’ve been helping people make successful city to country moves for over 8 years. If any of these are getting in your way, contact Possibility to Reality today and I’ll help you overcome them.

In the meantime, we have plenty of helpful resources to get you started here on our Sea Change Success website.

Life’s too short to not be living it your way. Go on, what are you waiting for?!



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CAroline Cameron

Caroline Cameron

Caroline Cameron is a master certified executive career and lifestyle coach, sea change coach, speaker and author.

Having successfully reinvented herself through 10 career and 4 major lifestyle changes, Caroline helps mid-career professionals harness the power of change to achieve success in business, work and life.

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