Sea Change Tree Change Criteria Checklist

A simple way to make the ‘where to move to’ decision’ easy

There’s a lot to think about and plan for when making a sea or tree change. The following checklist will help you identify what you need to consider and how important each of these are for you.

Completing this list will create a set of criteria to help you decide what type of change you are ready to make, including the work you will do, where and how you want to live.

Review the following list of Sea/Tree Change Criteria, noting what you want and need for each one. Add things which are important but aren’t listed at the end. Are they relevant for you (Yes/No) and how important are they (0 = not important; 5 = essential)?

Once you’ve completed your own Sea/Tree Change Checklist you’re ready and armed to explore and evaluate all the options available to you.





(0 – 5)

1 Climate and weather – year round conditions, temperature etc
2 Community Associations and Volunteering opportunities – clubs, charities, groups, businesses
3 Culture – (eg food, arts, crafts, music, sports, festivals)
4 Education – childcare/day care, primary, secondary schools, university & further education opportunities
5 Essential Services and Infrastructure – hospitals, supermarkets, clothing, transport, roads, communication, technology, supplies etc
6 Partner/Family Needs – immediate and extended
7 Income/Financial Needs – affordability cost of living, paid work or retirement savings
8 Health and Wellbeing – lifestyle / leisure opportunities to pursue a passion, hobby or sport
9 Home Aspect – flat ground, hill top with views, accessible, remote, proximity to neighbours etc
10 Home/House – rent, buy or build, land size, # bedrooms etc
11 Location – in/out of town, proximity to water, mountains, outback, regional centre, rural, coastal, city, work (if maintaining current employment with different working arrangements)
12 People – friendly, welcoming, private, open or closed to newcomers, similar interests and values
13 Population – size, cultural backgrounds, tourist based and/or seasonal
14 Professional Services (availability and choice) – doctors, accountants, dentists, financial planners, business advisors, lawyers, etc
15 Tradespeople (availability and choice)– plumbers, electricians, builders, hairdressers etc
16 Region/City/Town/Village/Rural – thriving, stable or shrinking.   Future planned developments
17 Spiritual and Religious Needs – churches, groups, places etc
18 Timeframe – when are you hoping to move and how long is this move for? (0 – 2 yrs, 2 – 5 years, 5 – 10 years, > 10 years)
19 Unique Featureseg natural environment, historical landmarks, cultural attractions, events)
20 Work/Jobsemployment or business opportunities, demand for services in your area of expertise/interest
The space below is for you to add any other important Criteria that aren’t covered in the list above

Need more help?

If you’re still not sure where to live:

  • The Great Life Redesign includes more detailed information and examples to clarify your ideal location.
  • The Dream It! Design It! Do It! downloadable program includes simple exercises, checklists and templates to identify and weigh up your sea change options and make decisions that feel right.
  • Contact me to see how I can help you take the next step, create a plan and make your sea or tree change happen.