Lifestyle Change Checklist

10 things to check to get the timing right.

The Lifestyle Change Checklist will help you decide when is the best time to make a major change to your life.

If you haven’t yet decided, choose a couple of different dates and run them through the checklist.

If you’ve already decided, check your date against these criteria to be certain and confident you’ve got it right.

Timing Considerations
1. I’m clear about why I’m making the change, what I want and what it will result in
2. I’m aware of what’s involved and am going into it with ‘eyes wide open’
3. I know what’s within my control and have let go of the things I can’t influence
4. I’ve considered the needs, wants and priorities of those it will impact the most
5. I know what my Top 3 priorities are and why they’re so important
6. I’ve researched all the options, weighed up the pros and cons and feel comfortable with making the move on [insert date]
7. I have a well thought through plan to make the change as doable and easy as possible
8. My single biggest barrier to making the move has been resolved
9. I’ll have everything I need by [insert date]
10. On balance, the best time to make the move is when [insert your most important consideration]

You selected YES times out of 10

All ‘Yes’ responses: Congratulations – you’re on your way! Having committed to a date, it’s time to put your sea change plan into action and make it happen.

More ‘Yes’ than ‘No’ responses: You have a reasonable idea when you’ll make the move but there are still a few questions to answer to know you’ve got the timing right. Call me today to see how to turn your Nos’ into Yes’.

More ‘No’ than ‘Yes’ responses: You need to go back to the drawing board! Contact me today to see how I can help.