Are You Working Too Hard?

What work life balance…?

One of the challenges would-be sea changers face is finding time to plan and make the move. Being constantly busy is a trap you may have fallen into, without even realising it.  When your current life and commitments fill every waking moment, there’s precious little time to get clear about what you really want, even less to change it!

If this sounds like you, it’s time to see if being too busy is standing between you and the life you want. Oh, and if you suspect your ‘significant other’ is working too hard, challenge him/her to take the quiz too!

Take the Quiz for a reality check and see if you are working too hard!

1. I bring work home most evenings and weekends
2. I feel frustrated that I never seem to catch up and get on top of my workload
3. I’ve postponed my holidays at least twice this year
4. I’m often exhausted with no energy for anything else
5. I spend public holidays ‘catching’ up and trying to get ahead
6. I often feel best when I’m busy and the pace is fast – I need to be doing something all the time
7. My family complains that I’m often away or late home
8. I feel guilty about how little time I spend with my family and friends
9. I’m always thinking about work – I never seem to be able to ‘switch off’ for long
10. I feel angry and often resent what my employer expects from me
11. I wish I could slow down and take time-out.
12. Work seems to have become all-consuming
13. I’m not sure the pay-off is worth it any more.
 14. I don’t get time to think, plan and prioritise
 15. If money wasn’t an issue, I wouldn’t be doing this job
 16. The extra effort I put in doesn’t seem to make any difference
 17. My iPad and mobile phone are always on and I frequently check my emails on weekends or holidays
 18. I call into work regularly  to check up on things when I’m on leave
 19. I’d have to be ‘dead’ to take a sick day – I can’t afford the time off!
 20. I’m the only one who knows what’s going on at work – they need me
 21. By working this hard I’m giving my family the things they need
 22. The more work I do, the more I get given to do
 23. I really look forward to having a drink when I get home each night to unwind
 24. The sheer volume of work is overwhelming and there’s no way to change it
 25. My job was exciting when I started but now feels like a ‘hard slog’

        You selected YES        times.

If you answered YES to 10 or more of these symptoms, stress and burnout are real risks for you.  Working too hard over a long period of time is unsustainable and unlikely to lead to the lifestyle you really want.

Contact Possibility to Reality today and we’ll help you make the shift from working too hard to working just right.