Sea Change Frequently Asked Questions


What are the pros and cons of weekend sea changing?

How do we avoid sea change ‘failure’ and get it right next time?

“I’ve been wanting to get out of the city and move to the country for years but I’m just not sure what to do first – get a job…decide where……decide when etc.  I’m sick of making excuses about it and just want to get going – where do I start?”

I’m single, 37 and have lived in Sydney all my life. I’ve been wanting to move to the country for a while and have been offered a transfer to a town in rural Victoria. Having accepted it, I’m now getting cold feet worrying that I may be bored and possibly lonely as I don’t know anyone there. What can I do to make sure it works out right?

“My wife and I fall into the ‘Baby Boomer’ category and are approaching semi-retirement. wondering what sea/tree change options exist for us?”

We’ve always lived in the city and crave the freedom and simplicity of country living. We’re planning a sea change but don’t know if we have an unrealistic view of the ‘good life’ in the country. What’s the best way to make sure we go into it with ‘eyes wide open’?

I’ve heard you need to be ‘3rd generation born’ to be accepted into country communities. How do I find out if newcomers are welcome in the country town I want to move to?

When’s the best time of year to make a move to the country?

What’s the best way to get a feel for a town before going to visit? Who should we ask what is it like to live and work there? My potential employer in Port Douglas paints a rosy picture but how can we get a realistic opinion?

I’ve been wanting to escape the rat race and make a tree change for years but my job and other commitments leave no time to do the research, plan it and do it. How do I fit it in and make it happen?

I’d really like to do a sea change but talking to others who have done it, I have some reservations. How do I push past them?



How will we know if we’ll like living in the country before we make the move?

I was born and raised in the country and after 15 years in the city, am itching to get back to the simpler, easier life and closer community feel of a small NSW coastal town. One problem – my partner doesn’t want to leave the city. Help!

After 12 years living overseas we want to return to Australia to give our children a more ‘normal’ upbringing. We’d love to live by the beach but after so long away aren’t sure where we could settle. My husband is an entrepreneur who travels a lot but runs his businesses from home so we need to be near an international airport – just don’t want to live in the city. I’d really appreciate any guidance you can give us about where to start looking.

There are many things and people in my current life I’ll miss when I make my tree change. How can I manage the inevitable homesickness?

 I’ve lived in the city all my life and would like some tips on how to easily adapt to a totally different lifestyle.

The dream of buying a small farm in the country and simplifying our lives is really mine. How can I get my wife and daughters to get excited about it?



I’m not sure what work I could do or how to find a job in a town where I don’t know anyone?

“I’m worried about being left ‘stranded’ without a job if my sea change doesn’t work out. How can I make sure this doesn’t happen?”

I left my marketing career 7 years ago to start a family. With my youngest now at school I’m keen to return to work but it needs to a job that’s fulfilling and fits around my family. Do you have any ideas about what work I could do?



I’m thinking of running a B&B but am not sure of the hours and being available 24/7. I would like to travel too. Any ideas?

My wife and I want to establish a farm to grow and sell organically grown fruit. We know where it will be and have set ourselves 5 years to swap our current city bound corporate jobs to a simpler, healthier more fulfilling lifestyle. But it seems such a long way off and we find ourselves getting disheartened, wondering if it’s too big a change.

I want to leave my job as a bank manager to run my own online graphic design business from home. What’s the best way to do this?

My husband and I run a home maintenance and gardening business in Sydney. We’re keen to move to a country town and set up our business there. How do we choose a town where our business will do well quickly?

I run my own successful tree-lopping business and would like to relocate to the country. Having invested in the equipment and finally breaking even after 5 years, I’d need to build and re-establish the business with new customers. How can I do this without going backwards?