Career and Lifestyle Change program

Time for a new career, fulfilment, freedom and better life balance?

Are you:

  • At a career crossroads and wondering what’s next?
  • Not sure what else is out there for someone like you?
  • Tired of striving for that illusive work life balance?
  • Excited about a new career but unsure how to make the change?

Over 12 weeks your Career & Lifestyle Change program will help you

  • EXPLORE – clarify your dreams, strengths, skills, passions, priorities and values and work out what’s really important to you.
  • DREAM – a ‘career finder’ to uncover new career and lifestyle options and job opportunities that work with how and where you want to live.
  • DISCOVER – identify what you need to make a successful career and lifestyle change, create an action plan to bridge the gap and make it happen.

What You’ll Gain

  • A lifestyle that supports your chosen vocation and life balance priorities
  • A permanent solution to the work life balance dilemma
  • Insight into job opportunities and new career options you may not have considered
  • A personal and professional profile to uncover a range of new career options
  • Certainty about your dream location, where you need to be to thrive
  • Alternatives and options to bridge any skill or knowledge gaps that stand between you and potential career opportunities
  • A clear Action Plan to make your career change happen
  • A ‘Plan B’ to manage risks and unexpected challenges that come up along the way
  • Practical and easy strategies to overcome your fears, eliminate procrastination and boost your self confidence

What’s Included

  • Pre-coaching discovery to clarify what you want and what’s standing in your way
  • 12 x 1 hour coaching sessions (via phone or Skype)
  • Issue blasting phone or email support to resolve problems that arise between sessions
  • Personalised Career & Lifestyle Change Journal to capture what you learn along the way and stay on track
  • A personally signed copy of The Great Life Redesign – change how you work, live how you dream and make it happen today
  • All relevant coaching tools, templates and resources.

Based on the ground breaking Firework Career Coaching Program™, the P2R Career & Lifestyle Change Program helps you successfully navigate your way to a new career your career and create the life you want.

Possibility to Reality is the only company licensed to offer this program in Australia giving you access to a proven approach which has helped many people create their ideal life throughout the UK, Europe and America.


“After talking to Caroline for half an hour it felt like we’d known each other for years! Stepping away from my construction industry management career to become a farmer no longer felt like an impossible dream.

Over the next 3 months, Caroline helped me get clear about how I wanted it to be and plan to make it happen. I’d never thought of doing it in phases and what was once overwhelming became doable. A year down the track, I’ve bought the farm in western Victoria and am on track to move there permanently by the end of the year.

Whenever it seemed like it was all too hard, Caroline helped me cut the problem down to size and got me back on track. Her objective and encouraging style and extensive experience in helping people make such big life changes have helped me become more resourceful and I know that whatever comes up in the future, I can handle it.

Thanks Caroline, my possibility wouldn’t have become a reality without you!”

“I’d spent many holidays in Tasmania and while I really wanted to live there, was worried I’d feel too cut off from family and friends in Queensland. I also wanted to set up my own online business and give away my full-on corporate finance job in Brisbane but didn’t know how to make it viable. It all seemed beyond me until I picked up the phone and spoke to Caroline.

She immediately put me at ease and within an hour helped me get clear about what I needed to do. Knowing I could easily sabotage my own dream, I did the Career and Lifestyle Change Program which helped do my sea change over 18 months. That was 3 years ago and I’m now living my dream in Burnie. I’ve made lots of new friends, love the lifestyle and my business is steadily growing. I see more of my close friends and family via Skype than I did when I lived around the corner!

Without Caroline’s professional, constant support I doubt whether I’d have had the courage to make such a big change but I’m really glad I did – no regrets and a much better life!”Michael M, Burnie, TAS