Caroline Cameron: 

The Practical Side

A simple way to take the GUESSWORK OUT of your SEA CHANGE and make it happen!

You're probably wondering...

  • What IS a 'Sea Change' (or Tree Change) anyway?
  • What Work could you do?
  • Where you'd Live and which Location will be best for you?
  • How you'd Support Yourself financially
  • How to Survive the move and Thrive on the change?

Sea Changing is not what it used to be - the days of grey nomads hitting the road and opting-out hippies are long gone! Today anyone can make a sea change (or tree change) and the options are endless.

BUT... how do you make it happen?  There's just so much to think about and do!

With this simple book you'll discover how to use your transferable skills to find a job, the perfect location; manage your finances; survive the move and more!


Jo-Anne Munro

Executive - moved and lived in 4 different states of Australia

Caroline's enthusiasm and expertise as an executive coach is legendary. Responsible for transforming lives and helping to create possibilities and making outcomes achievable. Caroline changed my life

In the Book, You Will Discover How To:


How to support yourself financially and afford the move. Includes 10 simple, practical ways to afford your sea change.  


Use your transferable skills to get work you'll love or
create a thriving sea change business.


Weigh up your sea change / tree change options and find the perfect place to thrive and call home.


Simple quizzes, templates, checklists and resources swap the guesswork and overwhelm for clarity and certainty.

Caroline Cameron, Sea Change Coach

About Sea Change Coach - Caroline Cameron

Having experienced the highs and lows of making major lifestyle changes, I know that it's a big deal! There's so much to think about, decide, organise and do. If you're feeling overwhelmed, that's OK - it's normal and you're not alone.

As the founder of Possibility to Reality, I'm on a mission to help make your major lifestyle change easier, do-able and successful. I've helped hundreds of people (singles, couples, families and retirees) make a sea change or tree change for over 10 years.

My own sea change journey started when I was only 4. I moved with my family from the UK in the middle of winter to the Riverina region of south western NSW where adjusting to the heat and flies was only the start!

Since then, I've made 3 major lifestyle changes (country to city to overseas and back again) and 10 career changes.  Through each of these changes I've figured out how to make better decisions, plan the move, adjust quickly and make each one a great success.

A master accredited, award winning coach and Australia's only Sea Change Coach, I've spoken at Regional Living Expos and been featured on the ABC, A Current Affair, Radio and featured in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Passion to Profit and Town & Country Farmer.

Sea Changing Made Easier - the Practical Side will help you understand what you need to know and give you the confidence to make your move!

What People Are Saying

Matthew and Jill Anderson

Bought a farm - moved family from Sydney to Tasmania

This book took away all our excuses! Easy to follow steps and tips - a must read for anyone thinking about a sea change. We're now living on 10 acres, growing apples and loving the slower pace without the stresses of Sydney.

Rob Hall

Landscape Architect - moved from Melbourne to Bendigo

I stumbled across this book when I was trying to decide if I could relocate my business to the country. The questions, checklists and tips were great for getting clear about what I needed to do. 2 years later, I'd never go back to the city now!

Here's What's Inside...





What You Need to Know About Sea Changing

  • Thinking about Making a Sea Change?
  • Sea Change - the Rules Have Changed, So Can You!
  • Sea Change Myths De-bunked

Work and Business

  • 10 Steps to Finding Work in Your Dream Location
  • Redundancy - the best thing that ever happened to you?
  • Transferable Skills - the key to doing what you love
  • Myths & Truths about Owning Your Own Business
  • Business Essentials - what you must know

Taking Care of Other Practicalities

  • What Will Your Sea Change Cost?
  • Find Somewhere to Thrive - where to live
  • Turn a Potential Nightmare into a Real Adventure

Useful Resources

  • Are You Ready for a Sea Change? Quiz
  • Your Sea Change / Tree Change Checklist
  • Sea Change Location Locator

ebook $12.95 AUD

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Sea Changing Made Easy - The Emotional Side

FEAR is the #1 thing that STOPS people from making a sea change or tree change.

Worrying about all the things that could go wrong, we imagine the worst and swing from procrastination to plain cold feet.

If you're stalling because you're...

  • Simply not clear about what you want
  • Scared of what could go wrong
  • Worried about what others will say or
  • Just plain overwhelmed...
  • Discover what you need to know
  • Overcome fear, indecision and overwhelm
  • Read and learn from the true stories of 5 Successful Sea Changers
  • Handy Template, Checklist and Quiz to see if a Sea or Tree Change is right for you

ebook $12.95 AUD

Sea Changing Made Easy - The Emotional Side will remove the blockers and get you on your way.



Sea Changing Made Easy - The Practical Side


Sea Changing Made Easy - The Emotional Side

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