Caroline Cameron:

The Emotional Side

A simple way to take the STRESS and WORRY out of your lifestyle change!

There's a lot that could go wrong...

  • What if it doesn't work out and you can't go back?
  • What if your loved ones think you're crazy?
  • What if the people there just aren't your type?
  • What if your money runs out?
  • What if you're overwhelmed - there's just too much to do?

Making a Sea Change or Tree Change is a BIG DEAL! After marriage, birth of children, divorce and changing jobs, it's the #5 most stressful life change you can make.

Sea Changing can involve changing EVERYTHING about where and how you live.

Sea Changing Made Easy - The Emotional side will help you break through indecision, overcome fear, manage other people's reactions and break it all down so you feel excited and in control.


Andrea Butler

​From Sydney Accountant to the Southern Highlands ​B&B Owner

We'd talked about making a sea change for years but somehow there was always something stopping us. It seemed like we were always waiting for everything to fall into place on its own. This book helped us realise that if it was ever going to happen, it was up to us. It gave us a way to figure out all the things that we were afraid of and decide what we really wanted. It helped us make decisions and take action and we realised how much our excuses had made us procrastinate! It was great to read the stories about other people who'd made the move too

In the Book, You Will Discover How To:


Learn what a Sea Change is, who's doing it and why and how to make choices that put YOU in control. 


Read the personal and honest stories of people who made 4 very different lifestyle changes.


Figure out what's most important to you and push past the emotional blockers that are getting in your way.


Simple quizzes, templates, checklists and resources swap the guesswork and overwhelm for clarity and certainty.

Caroline Cameron, Sea Change Coach

About Sea Change Coach - Caroline Cameron

Having experienced the highs and lows of making major lifestyle changes, I know that it's a big deal! There's so much to think about, decide, organise and do. If you're feeling overwhelmed, that's OK - it's normal and you're not alone.

As the founder of Possibility to Reality, I'm on a mission to help make your major lifestyle change easier, do-able and successful. I've helped hundreds of people (singles, couples, families and retirees) make a sea change or tree change for over 10 years.

My own sea change journey started when I was only 4. I moved with my family from the UK in the middle of winter to the Riverina region of south western NSW where adjusting to the heat and flies was only the start!

Since then, I've made 3 major lifestyle changes (country to city to overseas and back again) and 10 career changes.  Through each of these changes I've figured out how to make better decisions, plan the move, adjust quickly and make each one a great success.

A master accredited, award winning coach and Australia's only Sea Change Coach, I've spoken at Regional Living Expos and been featured on the ABC, A Current Affair, Radio and featured in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Passion to Profit and Town & Country Farmer.

Sea Changing Made Easier - the Practical Side will help you understand what you need to know and give you the confidence to make your move!

What People Are Saying

Gary Ashton

From Business Analyst to Online Entrepreneur

I didn't realise that leaving my safe government job and living in the city to start an online business living near Apollo Bay was going to be such a big deal!  But it was for my family who thought I was mad.  Sea Changing Made Easy Emotional Side gave me a great way to explain it all and stay calm!  Now they get it and are right behind me and I know I can make this work.

Andrew and Leah Spencer

From Canberra Consulting to  Queensland Organic Farming

Quick and easy to read, Sea Changing Made Easy - The Emotional Side has lot of great tips and templates. Loved the stories of other people who have made the move and how to make sure that if it didn't work out, we'd have our Plan B.

Definitely helped us stop worrying and just get on with it!

Here's What's Inside...





What You Need to Know About Sea Changing

  • What is a Sea Chang and Who's Doing It?
  • Why Do It and What's Stopping You?
  • Your Lifestyle, Your Choice

Beating the Emotional Blockers

  • Who Do You Want to Be?
  • How to Avoid Sea Change Failure
  • Create a Crystal Ball and Get Moving
  • Sea Change Shock - "You're going to do WHAT?"!

Personal Journeys

  • From Melbourne to Kakadu
  • It's a Cold Place
  • Wonderful Woodend
  • Don't Throw Baby with the Bath Water
  • What Have You Got to Lose?

Useful Resources

  • Personal Profile Template
  • Values Checklist
  • QUIZ: Is Your Family Ready for a Sea Change?
  • Top 30 Popular Sea Change Options
  • Useful Websites

ebook $12.95 AUD

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Sea Changing Made Easy - The Practical Side

Making a sea or tree change involves many decisions and lots of planning. There's so much to consider and 'Sea Change Failure' can happen to anyone. 

Together with regret and disappointment, the emotional and financial costs can last a lifetime. Thankfully this doesn't have to be your story and when you know how to make the big decisions, plan and make your move, you'll soon be loving your new life, with no regrets.

If you're stalling because you're...

  • Not sure how to find a job you'll love
  • Undecided about the best location
  • Worried you won't be able to afford it or
  • Not sure how to make it all happen smoothly
  • Different sea change options
  • Where to live
  • Finding a job in the country
  • Owning a business
  • Managing your finances
  • Surviving the move and much more…

ebook $12.95 AUD

Sea Changing Made Easy - The Practical Side will remove the blockers and get you on your way.



Sea Changing Made Easy - The Practical Side


Sea Changing Made Easy - The Emotional Side

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