How to Choose the Perfect Time to Make Your Sea Change

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Waiting until . . . is the kiss of death for sea changing!While there is no single right or wrong time, getting the timing right is vital to making your sea change easy and successful. Failing to carefully consider your timing options can bring financial hardship, relationship stress, heartache and regret. I sadly receive many calls from people whose sea change came unstuck simply because didn’t think through the timing implications. Whether you’re planning to take voluntary redundancy, … Read More

Why This is the Worst Sea Change Killer and How to Beat It

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Sea Change Success Tip_ Stop Talking and Get Moving!(1)

Procrastination + Fear = Regret I’ve helped hundreds of sea changers and tree changers successfully make their move and each one is different. They include: Couples and singles wanting to start their own business Young families wanting a carefree, healthy and affordable lifestyle Corporate refugees wanting to get off the treadmill to pursue a long held dream Adventurous singles wanting to travel the world and make a good living Expats wanting to settle back home … Read More

Why and How the Stones Moved to Maldon

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Why and How the Stones Moved to Maldon

Tree change relieves financial pressure and creates a brand new life Living in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, you’d be forgiven for thinking Delrene and Malcolm Stone already had a tree change lifestyle of sorts. Del had grown up in Nunawading (an outer Melbourne suburb). After a stint in America and recovering from divorce, she bought out her ex-husband’s share of their house in leafy Tecoma, surrounded by trees, with a creek running through. Then she … Read More

Is Sea Changing a Foolish Folly or Smart Move?

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New perspectives to silence your sea change critics Congratulations! You’ve decided you’re ready to make a sea change. You’ve dreamt and talked about it for longer than you remember and if you don’t do it now, you never will. But along with the excitement comes fear and doubt which is totally normal and completely understandable. After all, there’s a lot at stake. Adding to the doubt is the perception of friends and family who think you’re weak, opting … Read More