10 Things You Need to Know About Owning a Bed & Breakfast

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What You Need to Know About Owning a B&B

Is Owning a Bed & Breakfast Right for You? If you love to meet new people, cook and entertain, then owning a Bed and Breakfast can be a great way to do it and make a living. However, it’s only wonderful if you are prepared for the reality of it. Like everything else in life, for every pro, there is a con! Susan Poole runs the #1 B&B on Trip Advisor in stunning Parry Sound, Ontario Canada​ … Read More

This Beautiful Old Bank Needs Your Imagination and Vision

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Lang Lang Bank Tree Change Seachange

A rare tree change opportunity that ticks all the boxes Many would-be seachangers dream of running their own business (earning a living doing what they love and having a great lifestyle) but don’t have the capital to get started. Enter Jeff and Annie Brown and a lovely old bank… It was a love of old buildings rather than a desire to own a bank that prompted Jeff and Annie Brown to buy the old ANZ … Read More

Top 3 Business Options for Sea Changers

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Top 3 Business Options for Sea Changers

Pros and cons of 3 best business options for sea changers Sea or tree changing offers a great opportunity to run your own business and live life your way.  No more working for the boss, putting all your effort into someone else’s financial reward.  When you’re the boss, you get to call the shots, work the hours you choose and reap the rewards. But going into business is no light undertaking.  While the rewards can … Read More

Step Inside a Country Business

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View over the Pyrenees Goldfields Region, Central Victoria

Deb and Mark share what it’s really like to run a lifestyle country business Recently invited to come and see what running a lifestyle business in country Victoria involves, I jumped at the chance. I learnt that an established local business in the right community can be the key to a successful sea or tree change. I also discovered that it’s not as hard as you might think to run a viable business and enjoy … Read More