Hello –  I’m Caroline Cameron

Caroline Cameron, Sea Change Coach

My goal is to help make major life changes successful and easy. Making a sea change (changing where and how you live) is a big deal but that doesn’t mean it needs to be hard.

Sure, I am a master certified, award winning professional coach, author and keynote speaker who has been helping people make successful big life changes for over a decade.

But that’s not the most important thing you need to know.

A veteran of 10 career changes and 4 major lifestyle changes (country, city, overseas, single, married, divorced, employee to business owner… ), I’ve experienced my fair share of struggling with change.

Fear, doubt, trepidation, gnawing self-doubt, procrastination – I’ve done them all!

Over the years I’ve figured out how to take the struggle and overwhelm out of sea changing. Through years of making my own life changes and coaching the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with, whenever I learn something new, I store it away.

Every problem has a solution and I’ve never met one that can’t be solved. Yes, making a sea change is risky – research shows it’s one of life’s biggest and most stressful experiences after the birth of our children, death of a loved one, divorce and serious illness.

Balancing on the edge of a big life decision with no guarantees and no way back if it fails, I know it’s tempting to retreat and settle for the life you have. The problem with this is lifelong regret.

As you start to wonder if you could have made it work if only…., gnawing frustration with staying where you are starts to grow.

I get it!  I’ve been there too.  Read how I overcame the challenges we all face with major life changes and learn the simple strategies still use today in my book, The Great Life Redesign – change how you work, live how you dream and make it happen TODAY!

Life is too short to not be living where you want, doing what you love, with those you love

If you crave the freedom to

  • Simplify your life
  • Move to the coast or country
  • Change careers or start your own business
  • Pursue a life changing adventure
  • Live overseas for a while
  • Transition happily to life after work

I can help you make your sea change simple, achievable and successful.

I’m committed to giving each of my clients whatever they need to make clear, confident choices, overcome their fears, explore, research, plan and make the change happen.

But my commitment to you isn’t just about creating the life you want, I’ll help you enjoy the proverbial journey too!

Through my Sea Change Success newsletter, this website, my videos, products, coaching programs and speaking events, you’ll gain down-to-earth, surprisingly simple, valuable insights plus the experience of hundreds of sea changers who have made their change with me.

Whenever I discover something valuable I think you should know, or offer a new product, my Sea Change Success newsletter subscribers are the first to hear about it. They also get special subscriber only offers, new ideas, easy strategies, practical tools and personal sea change stories to make sea changing easy and successful.

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Of course, I’m no self-proclaimed guru! I don’t have all the answers and I’m on a constant quest to find ways to make your sea change a life experience you’ll never regret. I’m committed to bringing you the best of what I have as I continue to learn.

Sea changing is changing faster than ever and there’s bound to be a sea change that’s right for you.

I can help you figure it all out.



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But that’s enough about me!

If you’re ready to make your sea change or tree change a reality but aren’t sure how, I can help you.

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