3 Simple Ways to Get Your Family’s Support

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3 Simple Ways to Get Your Family's Support

How to overcome your loved ones’ sea change resistance Love ‘em or not, your family and friends are important and their opinion matters. One of the biggest sea change stumbling blocks is the stress caused by those who are dead against the idea. Maybe you’re caring for ageing parents or your teenage children don’t want to move. Perhaps your brother, sister or closest friends think you’re crazy for throwing in a well paid job, nice … Read More

Why and How the Stones Moved to Maldon

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Why and How the Stones Moved to Maldon

Tree change relieves financial pressure and creates a brand new life Living in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, you’d be forgiven for thinking Delrene and Malcolm Stone already had a tree change lifestyle of sorts. Del had grown up in Nunawading (an outer Melbourne suburb). After a stint in America and recovering from divorce, she bought out her ex-husband’s share of their house in leafy Tecoma, surrounded by trees, with a creek running through. Then she … Read More

How to Stop Feeling Scared About Your Sea Change

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How to make a fear free sea change

How to Beat 5 Biggest Sea Change Fears Fears – we all have them and they exist to keep us safe. But are you really prepared to allow fear to come between you and your sea changed life? Making a major lifestyle change is a big deal and it’s perfectly natural to worry about it. Fear is the number reason people don’t make a sea or tree change. Yet not making the change can lead … Read More